Mallorca in times of crisis caused by Covid19.

The global population is facing great challenges, and we have all been directly or indirectly affected economically by the virus. It is in these moments that the world faces moments of uncertainty, when certain tangible values ​​become even more evident.

The real estate sector in Mallorca is consolidated, which makes this place a safe investment, and there are several reasons that confirm: The population growth in the last 20 years was 40%. Magnificent infrastructure, the warm Mediterranean climate, its natural environment, its beaches and mountains, a cosmopolitan city, tranquility and peace, guarantee a good quality of life. The population growth is noticeable in each town and in the Majorcan capital, the main investors come from England and Germany, as well as other countries in northern Europe. However strict construction laws limit massive and rampant construction. In addition, in 2020, rustic areas were also greatly affected by the new construction restrictions. Greater restriction in construction justifies great interest in properties already built.